Launderable Looped-End Mops

Premium Blend (Launderable): Highest quality, 6-ply, modulus rayon yarn. Toughest mophead available. Ideal for use in any area and for all purposes.

Size Wt./Doz. White Blue Orange Green Yellow
Small 9 lbs. MH-63012 MH-63112 MH-63212 MH-63312 MH-63412
Medium 12 lbs MH-63016 MH-63116 MH-63216 MH-63316 MH-63416
Large 17 lbs. MH-63022 MH-63122 MH-63222 MH-63322 MH-63422
Ex-Large 21lbs. MH-63028 MH-63128 MH-63228 MH-63328 MH-63428


Hospital Blend (Launderable): Antibacterial / Antimicrobial mophead designed specifically for healthcare maintenance.

Size Wt./Doz. White Blue Orange Green Yellow
Small 9 lbs. MH-62012 MH-62112 MH-62212 MH-62312 MH-62412
Medium 12 lbs. MH-62016 MH-62116 MH-62216 MH-62316 MH-62416
Large 17 lbs. MH-62022 MH-62122 MH-62222 MH-62322 MH-62422
Ex-Large 21 lbs. MH-62028 MH-62128 MH-62228 MH-62328 MH-62428


Buccaneer Blend (Launderable): Extra durable, 4-ply cotton, synthetic/acrylic blend. Ideal for all general purpose cleaning.

Size Wt./Doz. White Blue Orange Green
Small 9 lbs. MH-60012 MH-60112 MH-60212 MH-60312
Medium 12 lbs. MH-60016 MH-60116 MH-60216 MH-60316
Large 17 lbs. MH-60022 MH-60122 MH-60222 MH-60322
Ex-Large 21 lbs. MH-60028 MH-60128 MH-60228 MH-60328


Synthetic Blend (Launderable): 100% Synthetic 4-ply yarn, ideal for food service and any type of general purpose cleaning

Size Wt./Doz. White Blue Orange Green
Small 9 lbs MH-20012 MH-20112 MH-20212 MH-20312
Medium 12 lbs MH-20016 MH-20116 MH-20216 MH-20316
Large 17 lbs. MH-20022 MH-20122 MH-20222 MH-20322
Ex-Large 21 lbs. MH-20028 MH-20128 MH-20228 MH-20328

General Maintenance Looped-End Mops

Reliable Blend: Blend of synthetic fibers wrapped around a cotton core

Size Wt./Doz. White Blue Orange Green
Small 9 lbs. MH-21012 MH-21112 MH-21212 MH-21312
Medium 12 lbs. MH-21016 MH-21116 MH-21216 MH-21316
Large 17 lbs. MH-21022 MH-21122 MH-21222 MH-21322
Ex-large 21 lbs. MH-21028 MH-21128 MH-21228 MH-21328


Champ: Cotton/synthetic blend will outlast and perform conventional cut-end mops. (Laundry not recommended.)

Size Wt./Doz. White
Small 9 lbs MH-61012
Medium 12 lbs. MH-61016
Large 17 lbs. MH-61022
Ex-Large 21 lbs. MH-61028

Finishing Looped-End Mops


Ultra Wax: These Blue Striped Looped-End finishing mops are constructed out of high modulus rayon / synthetic yarn that provides quick control liquid release.

Size Wt./Doz. Narrow Band Wide Band
Small 9 lbs. MH-67012 MH-67112
Medium 12 lbs. MH-67016 MH-67116
Large 17 lbs. MH-67022 MH-67122
Ex-Large 21 lbs. MH-67028 MH-67128


Performance Rayon: Integrated blend of snow white rayon and synthetic fibers eliminates cotton lint and mildew. Ideal for damp mopping, disinfecting, and applying floor finish.

Size Wt./Doz. Narrow Band Wide Band
Small 9 lbs. MH-66012 MH-66112
Medium 12 lbs. MH-66016 MH-66116
Large 17 lbs. MH-66022 MH-66122
Ex-large 21 lbs. MH-66028 MH-66128


Snow White: Applies finish 25 to 35 % faster than conventional finish mops. High twist, continuous filament nylon yarn, applies finish uniformly. Looped end, tail banded, narrow head band. Rinses clean with water.

Size Wt./Doz. Part Number
Small 9 MH-80012
Medium 12 MH-80016
Large 17 MH-80022
EX. Large 21 MH-80028

Wet Control Specialty Mops


Super Spin: Quick change mophead using a standard threaded handle eliminating the use of stirrup mop holder

Size Wt./Doz. Advantage 4-ply Cotton Super 4-ply Rayon
16 oz 12 lbs. MH-00816 MH-58816
24 oz 18 lbs. MH-00824 MH-58824
32 oz. 24 lbs MH-00832 MH-58832
#16 11 lbs. MH-10816 MH-16816
#24 17 lbs. MH-10824 MH-16824
#32 23 lbs. MH-10832 MH-16832


Flat Head Cut End: Screw on mophead with high impact plastic head or conventional metal style

Size Wt./Doz. Advantage 4-ply Cotton Super 4-ply Rayon
16 oz 12 lbs. MH-00416 MH-58416
24 oz 18 lbs. MH-00424 MH-58424
32 oz 24 lbs. MH-00432 MH-58432
#16 11 lbs. MH-10416 MH-16416
#24 17 lbs. MH-10424 MH-16424
#32 23 lbs. MH-10432 MH-16432

super-absorbaSuper Absorba: Available in blue or green, these cut-end mops absorb liquids immediately, hide dirt and grime, and are an excellent choice for food service and other utility uses.  Mops are manufactured with a Narrow Band (NB) or Wide Band (WB).

Size Wt./Doz. Blue Blend NB Blue Blend WB Green Blend NB Green Blend WB
#24 14 lbs. MH-70214 MH-71124 MH-70324 MH-71324
24 oz 18 lbs. MH-70132 MH-71132 MH-70332 MH-71332

Conventional Cut-End Mops

Cut End Full Weight: These wet mop heads are offered in a wide range of different yarns: cottons for scrubbing and rayon for floor finishing. The life span of the mop head actually depends on what grade yarn is chosen and the task to be performed.

Size Wt./Doz. Advantage 4-ply Cotton Champ 4-ply Cotton Industrial 8-ply Cotton Ultra 8-ply Rayon Performance 4-ply Rayon
8 oz 6 lbs. MH-00008 MH-51008 MH-52008 MH-57008 MH-56008
10 oz 8 lbs. MH-00010 MH-51010 MH-52010 MH-57010 MH-56010
12 oz 9 lbs. MH-00012 MH-51012 MH-52012 MH-57012 MH-56012
16 oz 12 lbs. MH-00016 MH-51016 MH-52016 MH-57016 MH-56016
20 oz 15 lbs. MH-00020 MH-51020 MH-52020 MH-57020 MH-56020
24 oz 18 lbs. MH-00024 MH-51024 MH-52024 MH-57024 MH-56024
32 oz 24 lbs. MH-00032 MH-51032 MH-52032 MH-57032 MH-56032


Cut End # Weight:

Size Wt./Doz. Standard 4-ply Cotton Maintenance 8-ply Cotton Value 4-ply Rayon
#8 5 lbs. MH-10008 MH-13008 MH-15008
#10 7 lbs. MH-10010 MH-13010 MH-15010
#12 9 lbs. MH-10012 MH-13012 MH-15012
#16 11 lbs. MH-10016 MH-13016 MH-15016
#20 14 lbs. MH-10020 MH-13020 MH-15020
#24 17 lbs. MH-10024 MH-13024 MH-15024
#32 23 lbs. MH-10032 MH-13032 MH-15032

Yacht Mops

Stick Mops Full Weight: Wire bound yarn attached securely to quality wood handles, insures long efficient service.

Size Wt./Doz. Champ 4-ply Cotton Supreme Cotton Twine Performance 4-ply Rayon Advantage 4-ply Cotton
8 oz 15 lbs. SM-51008 SM-54008 SM-56008 SM-00008
10 oz 16 lbs. SM-51010 SM-54010 SM-56010 SM-00010
12 oz 18 lbs. SM-51012 SM-54012 SM-56012 SM-00012
16 oz 20 lbs SM-51016 SM-54016 SM-56016 SM-00016
20 oz 28 lbs. SM-51020 SM-54020 SM-56020 SM-00020
24 oz 30 lbs. SM-51024 SM-54024 SM-56024 SM-00024
32 oz 36 lbs. SM-51032 SM-54032 SM-56032 SM-00032


Stick Mops # Weight: These mops are number weight and not true ounce weight. As in the numbered mops, originally manufactured for grocery chains, but price, quality and durability have made them popular in the janitorial industry.

Size Wt./Doz. Standard 4-ply Cotton Snow White Polyester Supreme Cotton Value 4-ply Rayon
#8 11 lbs. SM-10008 SM-12008 SM-14008 SM-15008
#10 13 lbs. SM-10010 SM-12010 SM-14010 SM-15010
#12 14 lbs. SM-10012 SM-12012 SM-14012 SM-15012
#16 16 lbs. SM-10016 SM-12016 SM-14016 SM-15016
#20 18 lbs. SM-10020 SM-12020 SM-14020 SM-15020
#24 22 lbs. SM-10024 SM-12024 SM-14024 SM-15024
#32 24 lbs. SM-10032 SM-12032 SM-14032 SM-15032

Wet Mop Holders and Handles





Mophead Handles:

Size Wt./Doz. Product Number
Metal Stirrup Wood Handle Janitor 1 1/8 x 54 30 HA-10038
Metal Stirrup Metal Handle Janitor 1 1/8 x 54 28 HA-10338
Metal Stirrup Fiberglass Handle Janitor 1 X 54 18 HA-10138
Metal Stirrup QC Wood Handle 1 1/8 x 54 30 HA-10039
Slide Plastic QC Wood Handle Janitor 1 1/8 x 54 15 HA-10143
Slide On Plastic QC Metal Handle 16 HA-10040
Slide On Plastic QC Fiberglass Janitor 1 x 54 16 HA-10141
Junior Metal Stirrup Wood Handle 7/8 x 48 25 HA-10020
Junior Metal Stirrup QC Wood Handle 7/8 x 48 20 HA-10025
Metal Jaws Wood Handle Janitor 1 1/8 x 54 22 HA-10041
Metal Jaws Wood Handle Janitor 1 1/8 x 60 24 HA-10046
Gripper Plastic Head Wood Handle Janitor 1 x 54 15 HA-10042
Gripper Plastic Head Metal Handle Janitor 1 x 54 15 HA-10045
Gripper Plastic Head Fiberglass Janitor 1 x 54 15 HA-10013
Flat Head Wood Handle 1 1/8 x 54 18 HA-10354
Flat Head Wood Handle 1 1/8 x 60 18 HA-10360


Mop Bucket:

Mop bucket with side-press and ringer.  36 Quart capacity.

MS-00035 / 15 lbs. each