General Mopping (Green)

Restroom Mopping – General Mopping: Enviro-Color Green yarn is spun using 100% post industrial and post consumer recycled raw material along with post consumer polyester bottle flakes. This highly absorbent yarn meets or exceeds “Green” standards. Green Wise wet mops provide the greatest absorbency, fastest drying, ultimate durability, for your general purpose floor cleaning.

Size Wt./Doz. Green
Small 12 MH-40312
Medium 14 MH-40316
Large 20 MH-40322
EX-Large 24 MH-40328

Finishing And General Mopping (Green)

Finishing and General Mopping: Green Wise White Wet Mop, Looped-End Wide Band, Enviro-Color White yarn provides the greatest absorbency, fastest drying, ultimate durability to meet your general purpose floor cleaning and finishing applications.

Size Wt./Doz. White
Small 6 MH-40012
Medium 14 MH-40016
Large 20 MH-40022
Ex-Large 24 MH-40028

Dust Mop Green Washable

Green Dust Mop: GreenTex , Soft, Looped-end yarn for increased dust pick-up. Envelope-end backing style. Yarn is produced from recycled fibers such as pure green plastic bottle fibers and post consumer rayon/polyester.

Size Wt./Doz. Product Number
5 x 18 8 DM-03518
5 x 24 10 DM-03524
5 x 36 14 DM-03536
5 x 48 16 DM-03548
5 x 60 20 DM-03560

Dust Mop Natural

Natural Dust Mop (Non-Launderable): Thick tufted material and durable Green cotton canvas backing. Envelope-End backing style. It is manufactured using 100% cotton yarn and a 10 OZ. cotton canvas backing ( Biodegradable)

Size Wt./Doz. Product Number
5 x 18 10 DM-00518
5 x 24 12 DM-00524
5 x 36 16 DM-00536
5 x 48 20 DM-00548
5 x 60 24 DM-00560

Green Wise Bamboo Handles

Bamboo Handles: Bamboo handles can effectively and reliability perform in many areas where hardwoods have traditionally been used. The bamboo handles listed are constructed of 65 % Bamboo and 35 % reclaimed hardwood with antioxidant properties to deter bacterial growth.

Size Wt./Doz. Product Number Description
1 x 54 20 HA-10242 Plastic Jaws Wet Mop
1 x 54 26 HA-10240 Plastic Quick Change Wet Mop
1 1/8 x 54 28 HA-10239 Metal Head Quick Change
1 x 54 24 HA-10040 Food Areas Metal HDL with Plastic QC Head
15/16 x 60B 26 HA-10760B 15 x 60 Clip-On dust mop Hdl